Innovative Solutions

for construction chemistry


01. impermeabilizacion


Products and systems for the waterproofing of hydraulic structures, buried structures and treatments to control waterways.

02. Cubiertas


Systems for waterproofing roofs through liquid membranes with high elastic properties.

03. Fachadas

Facades and walls

Coatings for the protection and decoration of masonry and concrete surfaces.


Structural repair

Products for the control of corrosion in steel reinforcements, union bridges and structural repair mortars with a thixotropic and fluid consistency.

05. Refuerzos carbono

Strengthering with carbon fiber

Structure reinforcement systems with the use of carbon fiber composite materials.

aditivos h


Release agents, curing agents, cleaners, primers, solvents and bonding bridges.


Specials applications

Products for fixing elements, chemical anchors, crack stitching and mortars for unique applications.

08. Reparacion decrecido

Repair, screeds and levelling of pavements

Mortars for the rehabilitation of pavements in industry and construction in different thicknesses: patching, leveling and screed.

09. Proteccion pavimentos

Protection and finishing of floors

Resin systems for the continuous finishing of pavements in industry, construction and civil works.


CRFI 2018

DRIZORO SAU, as a company specialized in the repair and protection of concrete structures, has participated in the CRFI 2018 (Corrosion Forum Israel – NACE Israel) during

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